Arrests and Opportunities

Firstly, thanks for following our progress here at Shield of The Children. We really appreciate your interest and apologise for the lack of communication from our side. We’ve been quite busy and are looking down the barrel of far more opportunities than we could possibly be involved in due to manpower, time, and finance. 

Since our last post in June we’ve had 2 more arrests associated with that operation. We’ve also provided enough information for a further 2 arrests which we’re waiting for. We also participated in a larger training and vetting course with several international NGOs which resulted in expanding the pool of investigators and surveillance team members that we have access for future. This is exciting and has real world consequences for our operations later this year as we will be deploying personnel who were trained and vetted during that time.

Separately, Shield is also training and vetting another four investigators outside of that. We’ve tried to put quite a bit of resource and time in to expanding our team size this year in order to meet the opportunities that keep coming our way. There never is a shortage of perpetrators or survivors out there unfortunately! We long to see a day where we’ve worked ourselves out of a job!

The rest of the year looks like this:

  1. A unique opportunity in South-East Asia has opened up for October and we’re discerning whether or not to be a part of this.
  2. We have an overseas training for new investigators scheduled for November.
  3. We have an operation that will be conducted in December in conjunction with at least two other organisations, potentially more.

We are stretching our budget and resources to the absolute maximum that we can and appreciate your prayers and support in this time. 

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