Covid-19 Update

As we near the end of the second year of the pandemic, we at Shield are reflecting on its effects on the Anti-Human Trafficking field and how it has caused us to shift our methods of operation. Reports from the last two years have shown an increase in the number of people considered to be …

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Champei’s story

I first met Champei* (name changed to protect her identity and dignity) in February in 2018. Shield had been requested by a local organisation to conduct an investigation in to several street pimps who had been trafficking minors and selling them to foreigners. We were given the location of these street pimps and soon set …

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News from the frontlines

It feels like forever since our plans were laid down for five simultaneous raids that were set for February. Unfortunately Coronavirus hit and just as we were scheduled to be in the field both the host countries and the deploying countries began closing borders. Our partners on the ground have continued to work around the …

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Locked down but still serving

Like most of the world, we are in lockdown—and Shield of the Children’s investigative operations are on hold as a result of the pandemic. Our mission, however, hasn’t changed. We are committed to the children of South-East Asia, and will resume our normal operations when we are able. Behind the scenes, we are as busy …

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