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Operation Update

Overview  It’s day 11 of this  deployment and a lot has happened. We’ve had eight people sick, an  attempted mugging, identified over a dozen minors and had personnel need  to go home early. It’s been exhausting but fulfilling.  Yesterday our team took some much needed time off to recharge. This has  enabled us to recommence …

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Arrests and Opportunities

Firstly, thanks for following our progress here at Shield of The Children. We really appreciate your interest and apologise for the lack of communication from our side. We’ve been quite busy and are looking down the barrel of far more opportunities than we could possibly be involved in due to manpower, time, and finance.  Since …

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2019 so far

It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of June! This year we’ve already conducted an operation in South-East Asia, targeting several paedophiles exploiting two groups of street children in-country. One of these men has been living in that very city for over 9 years.  We began this operation in response to a request from …

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2018 Wrap-up

It was a busy year for us at Shield. We partnered with local non-government organisations in South-East Asia, in training and in operations. We successfully took down several traffickers and rescued 9 in an 8 month operation in collaboration with 3 other organisations working in the space.  We trained and equipped local non-government organisations in …

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Successful Operation

Now, why would we title this post ‘Successful Operation’? Well, that’s because we tied up an operation last month that we’d been working on since March this year. We managed to get all of our targets arrested and local Law Enforcement rescued 9 out of 10 girls in the raid.  Why is it successful when …

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Shield of The Children Operations

Shield of the Children currently operates in South-East Asia and Oceania to bring freedom to child sex trafficking victims and justice to the perpetrators. Shield does not operate anywhere where there aren’t sufficient repercussions for the perpetrators through legal channels, nor does it operate anywhere where there isn’t sufficient aftercare for the survivors of human …

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